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We at Harpers want to thank each of our cutomers for their patience during our 2011 take down season due to all the crazy weather we had, which put us two weeks behind. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the scheduling to help us cut gas costs. We value our customers and do our best at all times to keep everyone satisfied. Should you ever have any problems or questions throughout the year, please feel free to call us.

Our shut down in December will continue each year so we ask that each of you make a note of those dates.

Winter – Closed December 22nd, 2011 through January 2nd, 2012

When scheduling your rehangs – you should call in january for April rehangs. Scheduling is done on a first come first serve basis (except those in specific areas receiving postcards with a date) and since april fills up fast – we recommend not hesitating to call. Once april is full - you will be given the next available week in june – since there are no rehangs scheduled for may. Make sure you leave your awning out the week you are scheduled if we do not store it. We also need your patience when scheduling your rehangs as we are always working with the weather.

Remember – there are no rehangs scheduled for the month of may. We use may for clean ups from bad weather and all new work sold throughout the winter.

There are specific areas that we will continue to do together. This helps us to accommodate more customers and also saves travel time and gas expense. These customers will receive a postcard twice a year letting them know when we will be in their area. When you receive this postcard, you still need to call and confirm. We will never assume and just put you on the schedule for that week.

Should you request a different week than the one on your postcard – you will only be able to take the next available week and there will be a $50.00 charge. We have appreciated your cooperation on this and it has worked extremely well over the past couple of years.

Scheduling Guidelines:
Should you need a set of guidelines – just call the office and we will be happy to mail one out to you or check the website.

All awning repairs are done from September 1st through December 20th. If you take down your own awnings and it needs repairs – please get it in to us asap so it can be fit into the repair schedule.

Once repairs are completed – our machines have to be broke down and cleaned out so we can start the new work for the season. Any repairs brought in after December 20th may not be completed before June 1st.

If we bring an awning in for repair after we take down – any repairs over $90.00 - you will be called to review with first. We will repair and deliver back asap - if we do not store the awning.

Awning Cleaning:
We recommend you call the office for information on getting your awning cleaned and retreated. Again – awnings are picked up from us at the end of November and returned to us the beginning of February. We will not send awnings out after that as we can not guarantee they will be back in time to go into the rehang schedule.

Our staff at harpers is always willing and able to help:

Adele – President & Office Manager
Merrie – Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper
Blair – Vice President & Sales
Gary – Sales, Layout & General Manager
Vic – Inside Foreman, Cutter, Layout & Welder
Steve – Outside Foreman, Welder & Installer
Sanassi – Cutter, Layout & Sewing Supervisor

Thanks for a great year and we wish each and everyone a happy holiday season.

Adele Harper-Warner and E. Blair Harper

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